Sunday, June 21, 2009

Super Rad Weekend

So this was my third weekend in South Korea and probably the one where I had the most fun! On Friday night a large group of ten teacher all rented a movie and ate delicious green tea crust pizza. We rented Valkyrie which despite Tom Cruise wasn't half bad!

On Saturday I went to Korean Lessons and then went downtown with three other girls for a "double date" dinner and a movie. We went to a restaurant run by a Canadian ex-pat and I had a fantastic taco salsa in the only restaurant that sells Mexican food in Daegu. Then we all watched "The Brothers Bloom". We didn't have many choices when it came to English language movies but I really enjoyed it! It was quirky and romantic. After the movie I watched my friends ex-pat community theater one acts. I went on to have my butt kicked in a game of darts and danced to K-pop.

On Sunday there was a world music festival going on in the main park. The festival was a little underwhelming and competitively unorganized. What more than made up for it however was that we all rented bikes! Let my tell you nothing draws attention like six foreigner women cruising around on cute bikes. We managed to create a scene wherever we rode, not to mention we finally cooled off from the oppressive heat. After we got our moneys worth on the bikes (2,000 won or 2$ for two hours) we ate a snack before the main performance. I decided to try patbingsu a Korean ice dessert. I was told that I was trying a a basic concoction of the desert and despite the crazy sweet bean paste on top, I loved it. It was sweet and refreshing but not too filling like a ice cream. Finally it was time for the main performance of the international music festival which was strangely all traditional Korean. A parade of traditional drummers came down the path to the stage. They are hard to find in this picture but try to find the guys with the ribbons on their hats, they would nod up and down as they walked to created a hula hoop effect.

There was also fan dancing and traditional music. If your wondering what traditional Korean music sounds like feast your ears on these horn riffs! (I took a video but I can't manage to up load it. I'll try again later..)

I had a great weekend which makes me almost ready to go back to teaching tomorrow.


  1. Awesome! With a bit of luck, I ended up spending Sunday with your parents and your sister. Had a wonderful lunch with them in our backyard. :)

  2. I totally thought of you yesterday. I went to a church with Ryan and they have a huge Korean population and I was like "oh Katie should have come here before moving to Korea to talk to people" but now if you ever want to practice Korean when you get back you'll be all set.

    I miss you too!

  3. Love the bikes!! I'll bet you all were a sight to see. We are checking out all the cute bikes here in Hermosa Beach. Livv wants one BAD.

  4. I miss you! Promise me you'll go on cute bike rides with me too!