Saturday, June 20, 2009

Korean Lessons

Today was my first Korean lesson. I go to the downtown YMCA for two hour lessons every Saturday. I know that its impossible to become fluent in a year but I want to learn survival Korean. Numbers, directions, what the hell am I eating, you know the usual.
Today we spent the entire time with alphabet. Korean letters are stacked consonants above vowels and then the pairs are combined to make words. Korean is also a very soft sounding language which is completely unlike every other language I have tired to learn. I want to make the words sound like German or Arabic and the instructor cringes at every letter I say.
This is going to take allot of work! Until then enjoy this alphabet rap!

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  1. I think you'd be suprised how quickly you can pick up a language if you're constantly trying to speak it. Trying to speak a language you're unfamilar with is a draining task, but I knew several people in college who had only been speaking english for a year or two and they could speak quite while aside from some misunderstanding of idioms. Perfectly understandably though. Is your refrigerator running?