Friday, June 5, 2009

Goodbye Teacher Chad/ Hello Teacher Katie Party

Yesterday was my last day of training and one of my future classes threw a party. They taped balloons all over the room and made a cake by stacking moonpies and topping it of with a loaf of french bread with candles (Koreans sell real cakes by the way).
The kids are super cute but little devils. They act up for the American teachers because they know that we wont hit them.
My first day of work is Monday and although every lesson is planned out for me I am still nervous. I need to start off strict so the kids don't walk all over me. However Korean students are pretty well behaved even when they are acting up. I have the ability to give jeshi or retest were the kids have to stay for an extra 100 minutes after their classes. I plan on only giving it out as a last resort because some kids have to stay as late as 11:30.
Staying that late at school is completely normal for the kids. My first night I was dropped off at my apartment at two am and I saw little kids walking home with backpacks on. The idea of childhood is completely different in South Korea. I don't think I would have done well in this environment.
I miss everyone so much. Thank you for all your comments!
Oh and I took the national health exam today. Nothing too crazy happened except the chest ex-ray and the nurse whipping out her needle and taking my blood in the hallway.


  1. Your students are very cute! Don't worry you'll get the hang of classroom control - it's good practice for the future. miss you

  2. Great picture! Where's your picture peace sign? :) Looks like a fun group.

  3. wow your classroom is tiny!! is it like a jail in there?!?!?!? haha just kidding this isn't aloha we're talking about. :) I miss you!

  4. Ha ha, loving the aloha comment!