Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Hello Everyone!

I'm just writing to tell everyone that I arrived safely. I have just woken up on my first day in Korea although with the flight and the dateline its two days after I left. I have already met three other teachers in the program and everyone seems energetic and outgoing! In other good news my apartment exceeds my expectations. I have a queen size bed and enough floor space to fit my whole family (hint hint).
This is just a quick post to say I made it safely. Internet is patchy for me right now but my own connection will be set up after I take the standard government health exam....more on that later.

P.S.- I knew that I was teaching for a good school when I woke up this morning and uncovered milk, OJ, frosted flakes, toast and jam in my fridge!


  1. wow! a real American meal. Excellent. Really? you could fit all of us????

  2. Just added you to my blog roll! Super excited to be stalking you on your blog now!