Thursday, June 18, 2009


When I first arrived in South Korea I remained in bed until the decadent time of 5:30 am. Jet lagged I paced back and forth exploring my new place (the bathroom/shower, the fridge conveniently touching my dresser). When I heard a announcement projected from outside. It sounded like something prerecorded and I couldn't understand a word of it.

I panicked, sure that North Korea had attacked. I ran outside of my apartment and saw no signs of chaos on the street. Just as I was about to head inside I heard the words “Ba-nana ba-nana”. Around the corner came this small flatbed truck with stacks of fruits, veggies and a loudspeaker.

Fruits and vegetables are sold on street corners in South Korea. They are cheap and super fresh. There are two types of vendors; the little old women (Adjuma's) with one type to sell and the men in the trucks. The problem I've had with them so far is that when I bring the fruit into my house the plague of fruit flies always come with and the berries can't take sitting outside all day. I just bought a bowl of red mountain berries and over half were moldy. The produce is sold super fresh. I was told that I just missed strawberry season and that if I like something I better buy it now because who knows when it will disappear!


  1. I'm getting the impression that "super fresh" is a euphemism.

  2. I could see the North Koreans attacking with fruit.

  3. Gabe- Ha ha ha ha! Ok, maybe just a little bit. I take what I can get, its risky fruit or nothing at all.

  4. remember... "there's always money in the banana stand" :)

  5. I've been repeatedly saying "Banana" in my head ever since this post trying to figure out what the jingle would sound like.
    Ba-na-na-na-na , hey hey hey, goodbye!