Wednesday, June 3, 2009

My Apartment!

I was imagining a unnaturally small place like in Japan or a UO dorm room. This way I was pleasantly surprised when I first walked into my new place. I have two dressers, a fridge, microwave, toaster over, washing machine and brand new TV (Korean television deserves a post of its own).

That's my tiny gas powered stove top.

I only have three complaints about my apartment.
One- The mattress is as stiff as a piece of plywood (because it is one?). I will test this hypothesis when I wash the sheets.
Two- I was really excited for a highrise view of a flashy city. It turns out that I live on the second floor, Daegu is not flashy and this is my view...White picket fence the American dream?

My final complaint is universal to all Korean homes. It's not a big issue just something I must adjust to.
My bath room.

Its also my shower.
The hose is on the wall with no curtain and no basin. The entire bathroom is covered with title and there is a drain in the center. The problem is I have to remove all of my toiletry's and makeup or everything will get soaked. I like the placement of the towel rack right next to the hose.. that was a nice touch.

Well that's my apartment. I really enjoy having a small place of my own in a building with three other teachers. It makes me feel less isolated.

Thank you everyone for reading! Tomorrow is my last day of training and I start work on Monday. Yikes!


  1. The shower thing is odd - but strangly efficient. Are the double apartments the same?? I'd hate to have to share that with someone.

  2. The raised fence is comedy! I agree the shower seems a bit messey, but I'm sure showering on the toilet does wonders to speed up your morning routine. :D Other than that it looks like a nice place to stay.

    Hmm, I have some bathroom modifications to design...

  3. Ha ha, It might be a hard sell in the states!

    Mom- The couples apartments have four separate rooms and unlike my place they are more like a home than a closet.

  4. Yeah my shower is the same way. Your apartment is bigger though! Mine didn't come with anything besides an old tv, desk, and a small closet.

  5. i think i could definitely sleep comfortable on that floor. maybe i should come visit.... HINT HINT mom.... :)