Wednesday, June 10, 2009

One Week Down

Hello Everyone!
I survived my first week. I also survived my first two days teaching. MoonKkang teaching the same three basic lesson plans (with different stories)so I can see how the teachers might go a little crazy. Lucky I have the same kids every week so getting to know them week after week will spice up the lesson plans.

This is a picture of my school, I work on the second floor. In Korea everything is so dense. A street looks completely different on a different sides because you can see all the signs stacked on top of each other. For example the basement of my building has a singing room and the top floor a Soju bar. (Soju is a cheap potato liquor that is sold on every street corner).

Here is the address for my school if anyone would like to write to me. Hint hint!
Katie Kalk
Moonkkang School
1556-2 Floor 2
Daegu, South Korea
I'll blog again soon, thank you for all your comments!


  1. YEA!!! I will write you tonight. I love the school bldg. Very . . . Asian Cool & colorful too.

  2. ???Moo??? I must have typed something in weird - - - it's me - - -mom : )

  3. Hi Katie!

    This is Theresa, I'm using David's account. I'm glad you survived your first days of teaching! Now, just make the kids always sit in the same spots so you have a chance to learn the names....
    I had my last day tutoring this week. Aja came in with 70 notecards to memorize for the finals the next day. Jesse came in with 0. So, while Aja went through her cards - Jesse and I frantically copied her cards, so he had some to study from that night. Aja asked what he did that weekend (while she was preparing for the finals) he told us he'd been in Kanita with family, sunbathing, etc. No time for studying. If he didn't have Aja's help....Anyway, I gave Aja your blog.
    Well - good luck with the rest of the week! I'll
    keep sending prayers,


  4. I don't think I've ever had Soju. Is it any good or rather have "you heard" that its any good? What are your lessons teaching?

  5. Also, I think I prefer Moo! ;D

  6. I'm so going to send you a candy bar like I sent you in Tunisia. Might be a bit melty.. but delicious! Love you!