Monday, June 15, 2009


After two weeks of waking up past noon and then watching Americas Next Top Model, Britain Next Top Model and week old reruns of the Tyra show (there's not allot of selection in English, please forgive me!) I decided to do something. So in a effort to fight off laziness I joined Hapkido classes! The class fits into my schedule perfectly. Its at 11, Monday thru Thursday for a little over a hour. There are four other teachers in the class and a Fijian cop who is learning it for a year to take it back to the force. The teacher speaks enough English to teach and best of all has a great sense of humor. I went to class on Thursday but today was my first real day. I got my uniform and let me tell you that thing is a sauna! I start to sweat when I first put it on and by the end of class I am a sweaty wreck. The uniform looks pretty badass but it is super stiff for the first few weeks. Its like I'm working out in Canvas. This is going to get me in shape and it is completely possible to make it to black belt level one within the year.

This picture is of the gym and those black belts are just showing off after class. The Fifth level black belts in my class are super impressive yet help me out with form and give plenty of encouragement. Oh and do you like the anime fighters in the windows? That totally pretty much sums up Korea, nothing is too serious for a cartoon.


  1. Wow! Good for you. What a great thing to do (SOOOO much better than Tyra (even if she's dubbed in Korean : )

  2. I totally agree. Watching Tyra's show would be about as nourishing as eating a bowl of sand for breakfast every morning. Although sand might have some redeeming digestional properties.

    I took some Tae Kwon Do in college and it was a lot of fun. I how you enjoy your Hapkido at least as much as I enjoyed mine. Although, as cool as that is, please don't come back and show me your choke hold. I prefer to keep my dignity intact! :)