Thursday, June 11, 2009

Seomun Market

Hello again everyone! I wanted to tell you about my Tuesday trip to the Seomun Market. To quote my hilarious Daegu tourism book "Seomun Market is the largest in the country (outside of Seoul)." What?! That's like saying L.A. has the best shopping in the country! outside of New York.

Seomun Market was fantastic. All the chaotic selection of a Tunisian Souk with no bartering or cat calling! It has everything. Umbrellas, seafood, Korean nicknacks and fantastic noodle lunches served boiling hot for under three dollars. The market is open air for the food and in a catacomb like building for everything else. My favorite part of the market would have to be.. the parking lot attendant.

She had her crazy outfit and and microphone and was greeting every car that drove in and out. Strangely enough this is pretty standard for Korea.

As my friends and I were walking out of the market to catch the subway one of the crates in a seafood stand started moving... I ransacked my purse for my camera and by the time I gabbed it, I was no longer alone.

The octopus has left the building. My friends and I started to scream "Octopus Escape!". I personally couldn't stop shifting my weight. I was literally jumping from foot to foot. The wriggling creature on the ground was completely out of its element.

As the octopus was slowly making a break for it. The women in charge of the stand chased him down and then hammed it up for the foreigners by chasing us with live octopus. Buy Korea for freshness!


  1. Great post! I love reading about your adventures. This is by far your best one yet! outside of yesterday's post.

    I was doubled over in laughter at the imagery of the woman beating the octopus with a hammer. too funny. The pictures are great too.

  2. A comment already? Gabe you win the prize for best reader maybe, I should ship you that octopus!

  3. My wife corrected me. I thought you said "hammer" not "hammed." I like the idea of the little korean lady going to town on the octopus with a hammer, but I suppose the octopus in the last pic is looking a little too put together for it to have been slain with a hammer.

    Your blog rocks. Its the only one I check outside of all my other blogs. :D

  4. Sooo...can you get a part time job as the red-hatted parking lot lady?? Looks so sophisticated- - - she even has a "sash". Maybe she's Miss Seomun Market.
    (miss you)

  5. The Octopus story made my day. Just FYI

  6. Oh man, you are so taking me to that market when I visit! <3

  7. Hi great blog Katie! Maybe you can pick up one of those super cool parking outfits.
    I especially like the hat!

  8. This would happen only to would be in an open market where an octopus would Korea. Glad you are having a good time. I miss you!