Sunday, July 19, 2009

Korean California?

I'm afraid I have been a lazy blogger lately. One post a week?

This week I saw Harry Potter on Wednesday. Korea is strange in the way that it can sometimes feels like your the only foreigner for miles around and then you walk into the Harry Potter theater and half the audience is foreign. I enjoyed the movie but none of my friends over here have read the books. Which bothers me for some dorky reason... plus the ending was a bit less of a shock for me.

On Friday was my Hapkido white belt test. I was tested on three types of kicks, three self defense moves and three types of falls. Oh yeah and fifty push ups. The judges seemed to go easier on us foreigners. The judges sit at a table at the front of the room as we went through all our kicks and moves. Four of us were testing for yellow and the others for upper level belts. It was a bit intimating to see what I will be expected to do in the future. After a hour everyone passed the test. I'm now a yellow belt!

On Saturday my friends and I took a hour long bus ride out to Gyeongju to go to California Beach, a water park. I didn't get to take any pictures but you can see some here. It was really expensive but it was a perfect way to spend a day with such high humidity. I went on every slide even met a hilarious group of Korean guys. My body image in Korea is always flip-floping from feeling like a movie star (standing out, people waving) to morbidly obese (thanks students...). Korean water parks have a allot of rules that my friends and I found irritating including having to wear a six dollar life jacket to go in a meter of water and covering your hair at all times. At least my friend was smart enough to bring bandannas so I didn't have to pair my bikini with a swimcap.

I just realized that I have left Deagu six weekends out of the last eight. I have seen more cities than some of my friends who have been here for a year! I love getting out, seeing the country and I'm already thinking of my international vacations. Anyone want to met me in China or Thailand?


  1. Congrats on your yellow belt. 50 push-ups! I'm impressed. Thailand sounds o.k. No promises but we'll see : )

  2. Go hang out with my dad in Shanghai! Seriously you can have my bedroom there.