Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Korean Gold

I have always been a fan of the Olympic games. I enjoy the summer more than winter but I still keep my TV permanently set on Olympic coverage. For a small country with a short history in the Games Korea is doing incredibly well as I write this they rank fifth in the medal count! Go Korea! Fighting!

My local sports channel is embodying national pride by replaying Mo Tae-Bum's win in the 500 meter long track over and over and over.... The same ten minute clip set with repeat three times before moving to a different race. Two Korean men are the sportscasters for this race. One man quickly gives a play by play of the race. The other...well you will have to hear for yourself.

UPDATE- My discussion of the Olympics to kick off class was extra fiery yesterday.

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  1. Amazing! Hearing commentator you would think that sport is waayy more exciting - right?