Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Snow in Daegu

As Seoul is slogging through record levels of snow, Daegu had a slight sprinkling on Monday. Daegu is a city surrounded by mountains which protects us from snowfall in the winter and maintains sweltering humidity in the summer. I went out on Monday and took shots of my neighborhood in the snow. The snow stop after four hours but most of it remained on the ground as the temperature remains above freezing. As I was taking pictures I realized I have never shared pictures of my lovely Sang-in neighborhood before.
So without future delay, Sang-in in the Snow.

My apartment building. It's much smaller than my imagined city high-rise

Snow on my neighbors traditional one story house. See the Kimchi fermenting pots in the foreground?


In rain and sleet and snow, the yogurt women still make their rounds.

The majority of the country lives in identical apartment blocks

This woman is selling delicious red bean cake fish. Tiger head might succumb.

Winter is apple season and Daegu claims to have the best in the country.

It is winter vacation but that didn't stop most of my students from doing academy homework all day.

Many smaller Korean homes and businesses are heated with charcoal burners.

Dak-gabli must be delivered in any weather conditions. 

This bike was parked outside of a photo studio.

There is no better way to end my photopost then with a image of the iconic claw machines covered in snow. They have taken my beckwons (100 won=10 cents) and I have won their vitamin candy.


  1. Fermenting kimchi. That's pretty hard core! I love the yogurt cart in the snow. That's dedication. Excellent post!

  2. Nice to see where you live. I didn't realize they ferment their own kimchi. Guess I thought they bought it in jars/cans like sauerkraut.

  3. Nice pictures Katie! I miss you and your photography skills. :(

  4. Your old apartment building looks wayyyy too nice in that picture. Love the blog!